Experience the rush of Adrenalin at the Grand Prix in Monaco

Grand_Prix_F1_9The Monaco Grand Prix is part of the World Championship series. It is an important and prestigious event. It requires around $40 million for any city to host the Grand Prix event. Host cities usually recoup this amount from the sale of event tickets. Circuit de Monaco organizers have so far been able to negotiate for retention of between $10 to $15 million worth of revenue from sale of trackside signage space. The government chips in too. Monaco’s royal family has been an avid supporter of the race. Much of the global appeal comes from the glamour wealthy individuals living in Monaco attract.

Being a tax haven, the rich and famous have found Monaco a place to call home. On a typical racing day, you will find the circuit adorned with a backdrop of million-dollar yachts. These are docked in the nearby harbor. The city’s dramatic cliffs also act as a natural background. As you would expect, there are luxurious homes too. On the race’s sidelines, there are festivities. Monaco is definitely a playground where the wealthy and famous come to relax. Its casino attracts influential people from all parts of the world.

Officially, Monaco is a principality further subdivided into districts. There are five districts in total: Monaco-Ville, Condamine, Monte Carlo, Fontvieille. The mild winters and warm summers make Monaco’s climate ideal for tourism. Upon being flagged off, cars accelerate to St. Devote. They then slow down for a left turn that leads them to the Casino Square. A downhill section opens up where cars race past Hotel Metropole. Thereafter, the race gathers speed. Drivers must slow down for a hairpin bend near the Monte Carlo Grande Hotel. The tunnel is the icing on the cake. Here, cars are able to accelerate through the dark tunnel before emerging to the bright sunlight.

The Circuit at Monaco

Cars must then reduce speed to allow navigation through a chicane turning tightly to the left and right. Another opportunity for gaining speed arises before cars reach the swimming pool. At the Virage Rascasse, drivers must take a hairpin bend that leads to an uphill section. They then drive through the tricky Virage Anthony Noghes before accelerating to complete the first lap. From here, drivers face the challenging Virage St.Devote section as they head into the second lap. In total, they must do 77 laps through the twisting circuit. Drivers are not left with any margin for error to win or complete the Monaco Grand Prix.

Spectators have a chance to witness this competitive event. If you have never been to a Formula One race, you need to book a ticket to Monaco. You will meet highly excited and expectant spectators. The sound of screaming engines will pierce your ears. Smoking tires are also common. Nonetheless, it is the skill with which drivers navigate the circuit that will impress you most. The 37,000 capacity grandstands put you in close proximity to the racing cars. Over 200,000 spectators turn up. Some following proceedings from boats docked in the harbor. Others are perched on balconies of buildings.

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